Final report on the review of the RCMP’s Conduct Measures Guide

The RCMP is committed to strengthening trust and confidence by modernizing our disciplinary measures to meet expectations of fairness, transparency and effectiveness.

Conduct Measures Review

In October 2021, the RCMP hired experienced labour lawyers to review our disciplinary measures. They recommended we change our decision-making process and use our serious conduct measures more often. This includes adopting presumptive dismissal for serious sexual misconduct and demoting employees for misconduct related to leadership and supervision.

Culture change

These changes will strengthen the RCMP's disciplinary process. They represent an important part of our culture change and will help ensure that our employees' actions align with our renewed core values. As we carry out the experts' recommendations, we will continue consulting with diverse groups. Find progress updates on the Change at the RCMP website.

Conduct measures guide review

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