Gender-based analysis plus

General Information
Governance structures

In April 2017, the RCMP appointed a new Director of gender-based analysis plus (GBA+) to oversee GBA+ implementation across the Force. This position reports to a new senior executive position established to provide greater coordination and oversight for gender, diversity, and inclusion initiatives across the RCMP. The GBA+ Champion is a full member of the RCMP's Senior Executive Committee, which ensures GBA+ considerations are integrated within departmental deliberations and decision-making processes.

In April 2018, two additional full-time equivalents (FTEs) were appointed to support the coordination and implementation of GBA+ activities within the RCMP, in addition to the conduct of strategic GBA+ projects. GBA+ implementation will continue into 2019-20, including the appointment of an additional FTE to further support GBA+ and RCMP modernization efforts.

GBA+ awareness sessions will continue to be delivered across all major RCMP business lines and with senior executive teams in the divisions. Over 5,000 RCMP employees have completed the Department of Women and Gender Equality's "Introduction to GBA+" online course, which has also been made mandatory for all applicants to the RCMP's Officer Candidate Program.

Dedicated GBA+ resources will continue to provide centralized advice and support on the application of GBA+ across the RCMP, including reporting on GBA+ initiatives to the RCMP Senior Executive Committee. The responsibility centre supports and monitors GBA+ initiatives, serves as the primary contact point for all matters related to GBA+ for the Department of Women and Gender Equality, central agencies and broader Government of Canada GBA+ Networks, and works with subject matter experts to complete GBA+ for Memoranda to Cabinet, Treasury Board submissions, budget proposals, business cases, policies and procedures, and the conduct of strategic GBA+ projects.

The RCMP remains a member of the Federal GBA+ Interdepartmental Committee (Defence and Security cluster). Ongoing participation in this committee ensures the Department remains informed of GBA+ developments within the Government's law enforcement and security sector, and helps to build and maintain networks with like-minded departments and agencies. The RCMP will continue to actively participate in this group to facilitate the sharing of best practices and strategies, and to identify opportunities for collaboration on specific objectives and projects. The RCMP will also continue to participate in other intra- and inter-departmental forums related to departmental and government-wide GBA+, gender, diversity, and inclusion priorities and objectives.

Human resources

The GBA+ responsibility centre will include four full-time employees in 2019-20.

Planned initiatives

A number of specific GBA+ initiatives are currently planned in 2019-20 including:

  • Uniform Modernization – The GBA+ centre will examine the RCMP Uniform and Dress Policy to increase its inclusiveness.
  • Mandatory Recruitment Requirements – The impact of mandatory recruitment requirements on diverse RCMP applicants will be examined.
  • Federal Procurement Requirements – The GBA+ centre will support the RCMP's participation in a Federal Uniformed Partners Working Group to identify opportunities to strengthen inclusive practices and address shared issues in uniform modernization.
  • Awards – The RCMP will examine the current policy on leave without pay for the RCMP Long Service Award program and the impact it may have on the Regular Member population.
  • The RCMP will also continue to apply GBA+ in the development of cultural competency and trauma-informed gender-based violence (GBV) training for RCMP employees as part of the Government's commitments under the Federal Strategy to Prevent and Address GBV. This will include supporting the review of training provided in the Cadet Training Program.
  • The GBA+ centre will develop and distribute GBA+ resources, guidance tools, checklists, case studies, and training materials adapted for the RCMP in order to support the sustainable application of GBA+ within the department.
  • An RCMP intra-departmental GBA+ network will be established, and departmental Gender Focal Points will be identified in business lines and Divisions to distribute and share accountability for GBA+ implementation. Network members will provide GBA+ guidance and assistance to their respective business lines and contribute to overall GBA+ implementation efforts.
  • The RCMP will continue to collaborate with the Department of Women and Gender Equality on GBA+ promotion and awareness activities across government and within the RCMP. These initiatives include the annual GBA+ Awareness Week, GBA+ Bootcamp, Canada's new national Gender Equality Week, and the promotion of GBA+ training, learning events, tools, and resources.
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