Combatting cybercrime

The RCMP investigates cybercriminals with the intention of disruption and/or prosecution.

When it comes to combatting cybercrime, our activities include:

  • identifying and prioritizing cybercrime threats based on criminal intelligence
  • investigating, disrupting and/or prosecuting cybercrime activities
  • seizing and processing digital evidence in support of cybercrime investigations
  • collaborating with international and domestic partners and stakeholders

How the RCMP combats cybercrime

We have many skilled employee groups with different responsibilities when it comes to investigating cybercrime.

Coordinating cybercrime responses

The National Cybercrime Coordination Unit coordinates responses to cybercrime and provides advice to Canadian police. Learn more about the National Cybercrime Coordination Unit.

Investigating international cybercrime and cybercrime with a national security implication

Federal Policing Cybercrime investigates cybercrimes that:

  • target the federal government
  • threaten Canada's critical infrastructure
  • involve the use of cyber systems to support terrorist activity
  • threaten key business assets of Canada with a high economic impact

These cybercrimes may involve:

  • mischief in relation to data
  • unauthorized use of computer, including:
    • hacking
    • denial of service
    • malware and botnet attacks
  • threats to vital cyber systems

Teams and resources for investigations

Our teams and resources include:

Cybercrime Investigative Teams
Our dedicated Cybercrime Investigative Teams are located in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. These teams will investigate cybercrime incidents across Canada.
Cybercrime Capabilities Specialists
Cyber Capability Specialists provide support to federal investigators focussing on national security, serious and organized crime, and financial crime. They're deployed across Canada.
Cybercrime investigators deployed abroad
These investigators work with international police to investigate cybercrime related to Canada.
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