Raison d’être, mandate and role

Raison d'être, mandate, and role: who we are and what we do

Raison d'être

As Canada's national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is a critical element of the Government of Canada's commitment to providing for the safety and security of Canadians. By tackling crime at the municipal, provincial/territorial, federal, and international levels, the RCMP provides integrated approaches to safety and security and a consistent federal role and presence from coast to coast to coast.

Mandate and role

The RCMP's mandate, as outlined in section 18 of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act, is multi-faceted.

It includes: preventing and investigating crime; maintaining peace and order; enforcing laws; contributing to national security; ensuring the safety of state officials, visiting dignitaries, and foreign missions; and providing vital operational support services to other police and law enforcement agencies within Canada and abroad.

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