Forensic science and identification services key performance indicators

The data in the following table covers performance indicators for all of Canada from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

Table: Canada - National Forensic Laboratory Services table note 1
Service Service requests received Service requests completed Average turnaround times (days) Percent met target table note 2 Past due table note 3
Biology (DNA)
Priority 79 78 19 96% 0
Routine 8,273 7,850 62 61% 201
Priority 4 4 192 75% 0
Routine 1,474 1,076 166 82% 77
National Anti-Counterfeiting Bureau
Priority 1 1 6 100% 0
Routine 504 459 41 98% 0
Priority 2 3 94 67% 0
Routine 2,899 2,725 180 33% 591
Trace evidence
Priority 2 2 11 100% 0
Routine 386 373 90 84% 10

Table notes

Table note 1

Report run on April 14, 2022.

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Table note 2

The target for Routine Biology Services requests is the service standard of 65 days. The target for all other service requests is the diary date given at the time of case authorization.

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Table note 3

Past due as of March 31, 2022.

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Glossary of terms

Past due:
Requests for service not completed within the approved performance standard response time for the assigned priority.
A request for service that receives expedited processing based on an evaluation in the Forensic Assessment Centre and through client consultation.
All requests for service that are not "Priority" as defined above.
Service request:
A request for forensic analysis, investigative information, or investigative services that is received by National Forensic Laboratory Services. For Biology Services, a request for service is divided into multiple service requests to facilitate internal monitoring of progress.
Service standard:
A public commitment to a measureable level of performance that clients can expect under normal circumstances.
Turnaround times:
The number of calendar days from the generation of the request (exhibit submission received by Case Receipt Unit) to the completion of the request (release date of the report).
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