Employment Equity

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Towards a Diverse Workforce of Excellence

Employment Equity is of crucial importance in ensuring that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has a diverse, innovative and responsible work force fully capable of achieving its mission. The RCMP remains committed to the principle that it should reflect the diverse population of Canada to ensure effective police/community relations and the effective delivery of police services. The RCMP has committed to ensure that all employment policies, practices and standards are fully inclusive and provide all Canadians with equal and fair opportunities within the spirit of employment equity policies and legislation.

In a move towards a Workforce of Excellence, the RCMP is moving towards:

  • An organizational culture in which diversity is the recognized norm;
  • A learning strategy which embraces diversity;
  • All policies and practices are adapted to the reality of diversity at all levels;
  • Continual communications to address diversity
  • Ongoing monitoring of recruitment, selection, management and career development of the designated groups;
  • Career development programs for designated groups and the needs of the RCMP;
  • Organizational investment for diversity issues;
  • Measure management performance on diversity;
  • Training programs to improve competencies in Diversity Management at all levels of decision making;
  • Training and development on Diversity Management to become an integral part of all promotion processes;
  • Regularly report on diversity issues through the balanced scorecard

The RCMP is undergoing profound operational and organizational change. RCMP employment equity resources and actions continue to focus on practical measures in which employment equity contributes directly to effective community policing, quality of service and police/minority relations. Community Policing is a partnership between the police and the community in sharing the delivery of police services. The RCMP will continue to strive towards fully incorporating this policing philosophy in its strategic objectives, both external and internal.

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