Self-Assessment: Internet Safety

My Online World

A teenage, look looks worriedly at his computer with his hands on his head.

Interacting online is very different from interacting face-to-face. Take this Self-Assessment to determine how much you know about the online world. Knowing what and how much to share online is key to protecting your personal information and staying safe in the online world.

1. Before signing up for a new website, do you read the privacy settings and terms of agreement?
2. How often do you change your password?
3. Do you use the same password for all your online accounts?
4. Once something is posted on the Internet, I can delete it and remove it forever, right?
5. How do you know which websites are reliable when you are doing research?
6. Should you be posting or sharing pictures online with people?
7. What personal information should I not post online?
8. Who should I give my passwords to?
9. When installing new programs on your computer or phone, what precautions do you take?
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