Self-Assessment: Influence Level

How Much Influence Do You Have?

A man uses his phone while driving.

"We never know which lives we influence, or when, or why." – Stephen King

Have you ever wondered how persuasive you are, or alternatively, how easily people can convince you to do something? Take this self-assessment to gauge how influential you can be to those around you, and how you may just as easily be influenced by them.

1. Have you ever found yourself in a bad or uncomfortable situation with your group of friends?
2. Do you use justifications like "but everyone is doing it" and "what's the worst that could happen?" to help you make decisions as to whether or not you should do what your friends are doing?
3. Do you change how you act or what you do when you are with a certain group of friends?
4.  Do your friends look to you to decide plans for the weekend?
5. Have you ever made something up because you were worried your friends would laugh at the truth?
6. If you see one of your friends doing something illegal, how would you react?
7. If you needed to make a tough decision, would you ask your friends for help?
8. When you and a friend have a disagreement, you usually…?
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