Self-Assessment: Diversity

Discrimination can happen in any community, big or small.

A group of youth standing in line and smiling.

Take this quiz to see if you’ve been a bystander to, experienced, or even participated in discrimination in your everyday life.

1. At school, have you ever made assumptions about how smart someone is based on their appearance?
2. Have you ever been a part of any online groups or chat rooms that bully a particular group of people?
3. Being sensitive to the differences of others is important in society. Have you ever tweeted using words like “retarded” or “gay” to say that something sucked?
4. Living in Canada provides many opportunities to meet people of different religions and cultures, but have you ever changed your opinion of someone after hearing what religion they practice?
5. Do you ever catch yourself thinking in terms of traditional social gender roles like, “He shouldn’t be crying because boys don’t cry?”
6. Canada is known for being very multicultural; however, do you ever feel like you have limited opportunities compared to others because of your ethnicity?
7. Have you ever heard someone say that awareness of cultural campaigns, such as Black History Month in February, is a stupid waste of time?
8. Have you ever seen someone mock a classmate’s stutter?
9. Has an adult ever brushed off your opinion because they said that you’re “too young?”
10. About 66% of Canadians say that they’ve had friends who identified as homosexual (2011). Have you ever seen a peer be treated meanly because they’ve just come out?
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