Self-Assessment: Distracted Driving

Are you paying attention?

A man uses his phone while driving.

Every driver is responsible for doing their part in keeping the roads safe. Sometimes we can be unaware of how our actions can put ourselves and others at risk. Take this self-assessment to determine how much you know about distracted driving!

1.  It's easy to take one's eyes off the road! How long until one runs the risk of getting into a collision?
2. Is it okay for someone to text when they are stopped at a red light or stop sign?
3.  Can driving while feeling fatigued be just as dangerous as driving while impaired?
4.  Who does distracted driving affect?
5.  Can eating while driving be considered distracted driving?
6.  When should you have your GPS/other electronic devices set up for a road trip?
7.  Is distracted driving considered a form of impaired driving?
8.  Would someone be breaking the law if they were driving distracted?
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