Advancing equity, accountability and trust in the RCMP

Advancing equity, accountability and trust in the RCMP

Advancing equity, accountability and trust in the RCMP. Text version below.
Advancing equity, accountability and trust in the RCMP – Text version

The RCMP is committed to taking bold actions to demonstrate meaningful change toward a modern and inclusive organization that is responsive to community needs.


  • Societal systemic racism and discrimination
  • Recognition of need to modernize policing models and services
  • Requirement to enhance accountability and transparency
  • RCMP modernization.
  • Comprehensively address systemic racism and discrimination in the RCMP
  • Strengthen trust and confidence in the RCMP
  • Contribute to progress across domestic law enforcement


Focused 4-month consultation with:

  • RCMP Management Advisory Board
  • Indigenous Leaders
  • Racialized Communities
  • Policing/Criminal Justice Community
  • Parliamentarians
  • RCMP Employees
  • Government Departments/Agencies

The way forward – Vision150

Grounded in ongoing stakeholder engagement. Supports and builds upon RCMP Vision 150.

Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion

  • Forums for information exchange (for example, National Council for Diversity and Inclusion; national and divisional Gender and Harassment Advisory Committee)
  • Comprehensive RCMP Guide to Supporting Transgender, Non-binary and Two-Spirit Employees
  • Commissioner's Mental Health Advisory Group
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, including anti-racism training
  • Modernize recruitment through proactive action to diversify and reduce bias in processes
  • Leverage civilian expertise in criminal investigations
  • Further update Cadet Training Program

Indigenous reconciliation

  • Establish Office for RCMP-lndigenous Collaboration, Co-Development and Accountability
  • Implement national and divisional reconciliation strategies
  • Partner with indigenous women's groups
  • Increase use of restorative justice

Transparency and accountability

  • Advance the collection and analysis of race-based data to address systemic racism and discrimination, in collaboration with partners
  • Support immediate deployment of body-worn cameras for RCMP Officers (including Iqaluit pilot)
  • Strengthen timelines in public complaint process
  • Ensure transparent oversight of serious incidents
  • Disclose police information on a regular basis
  • Implement an independent harassment reporting and resolution process for all employees

Modernized RCMP policing model and approach

  • Update the RCMP's crisis intervention and de-escalation tools and training
  • Implement local policing models that meet community needs
  • Support greater integration of community, health and social services
  • Refresh RCMP Core Values and develop Organizational Values Statement


  • The RCMP is a healthy and inclusive organization that provides modern policing services
  • RCMP culture is characterized by respect for diversity and the contributions of all employees
  • Employees, communities, partners and other stakeholders have trust and confidence in the RCMP
  • Strengthened transparency and accountability mechanisms

Status updates on the initiatives will be available quarterly.

People first - Policing excellence - A safer Canada. Text version below.
People first - Policing excellence - A safer Canada – Text version

Objectives and initiatives

Our people

Build a diverse and professional workforce
  • Completed a GBA+ analysis of RCMP recruitment
  • Achieved gender parity on RCMP senior executive
  • Published a Guide to Supporting Transgender, Non-Binary and Two-Spirit Employees
Develop employees throughout their careers
  • Implemented Foundations of Leadership program
  • Introduced Character Leadership training
  • New mandatory "Cultural Awareness and Humility" course for all RCMP employees
Support employee health and wellness
  • Development of a new Employee Well-Being Strategy
  • Established periodic psychological health assessments for RCMP officers
  • Launched Mental Health Advisory group

Our culture

Build and maintain the trust and confidence of our employees
  • Made improvements to the harassment resolution regime
  • Launched the Innovation lnbox for employee feedback
  • Surveyed all employees on RCMP culture
Make sound decisions
  • Developing an RCMP Data and Analytics program
  • Enhanced Gender-Based Analysis Plus [GBA+) capacity across RCMP
  • Implemented a Disability Case Management Solution

Our stewardship

Practice sound management
  • Collaborated with RCMP Management Advisory Board
  • Updated governance structure and terms of reference for the Senior Executive Committee
  • Appointed experienced public servants in key leadership roles
Embrace modernization
  • Established RCMP Action, Innovation and Modernization Office
  • Modernized the RCMP uniform and dress policy
  • Deployment of an Enterprise Geospatial Information System (EGIS)

Our police services

Provide leading-edge policing services
  • Implementing policing models to meet community needs
  • Introduce a new major case management system
  • Deployed 17,000 smart phones to front line employees
Enhance the trust and confidence of partners and communities
  • Advanced reconciliation through: new Indigenous Lived-Experience Advisory Committee; use of Eagle Feather for oaths; Blanket exercise; land transfers
  • Dedicated team to implement MMIWG Calls for Justice
  • Piloting on-line crime reporting
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