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National Police Services (NPS) Advisory Council

The National Police Services (NPS) Advisory Council provides strategic advice to the Commissioner of the RCMP through the Deputy Commissioner, Specialized Policing Services. The Council is made up of distinguished experts from fields such as law, science and government. Their mandate is to consider and advise on the overall direction and priorities for the NPS and its components.

Current membership of the NPS Advisory Council:

  • Mr. V. Peter Harder (Chair)
  • General (retired) Joseph Gérard Maurice Baril
  • Dr. Roberta Bondar
  • The Hon. Jocelyne Bourgon
  • Mr. Phillip “Phil” Fontaine
  • Commissioner (retired) Phil Murray
  • Mr. Norman Proulx
  • Dr. Kathleen J. Reichs
  • Deputy Commissioner Line Carbonneau