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National Police Services National Advisory Committee (NPS NAC)

The National Police Services National Advisory Committee (NPS NAC) provides strategic advice to the Commissioner of the RCMP and to the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Assistant Deputy Ministers Crime Prevention and Policing Committee (ADM CPPC) through the Deputy Commissioner, Specialized Policing Services. NPS NAC consists of senior policing officials, representing all of the provinces and territories, from across Canada.

The NPS NAC mandate is to:

  • review the NPS mandate and provide recommendations to ADM CPPC and the Commissioner of the RCMP as it pertains to its relevancy and alignment with the needs of the NPS user community
  • recommend strategic priorities for the Commissioner and ADM CPPC's consideration regarding the services to be maintained and delivered to the NPS community, as well as to how these services are to be delivered
  • support the exchange of information across the law enforcement community about NPS and its challenges, to ensure all stakeholders have the opportunity to influence the NPS strategic direction
  • generally, support the integrity, accessibility, viability and sustained delivery of NPS

Current membership of the NPS NAC:

  • Deputy Commissioner Stephen White, RCMP NHQ (Chair)
  • Chief Officer David Jones, Metro Vancouver Transit Police, British Columbia (Co-Chair)
  • Chief Superintendent Dave Attfield, RCMP “E” Division, British Columbia
  • Assistant Commissioner John Ferguson, RCMP “K” Division, Alberta
  • Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh, Lethbridge Police Service, Alberta
  • Chief Keith Blake, Tssuut’ina Nation Police Service, Alberta
  • Chief Troy Cooper, Saskatoon Police Service, Saskatchewan
  • Deputy Chief Gordon Perrier, Winnipeg Police Service, Manitoba
  • Chief Steven Tanner, Halton Regional Police Service, Ontario
  • Deputy Commissioner Chuck Cox, Ontario Provincial Police, Ontario
  • Chief Inspector François Leblanc, Montreal Police Service, Quebec
  • Chief Inspector Pierre Allaire, Quebec Provincial Police, Quebec
  • Deputy Chief Martin Gaudet, Fredericton Police Service, New Brunswick
  • Chief Superintendent Jennifer Ebert, RCMP “L” Division, Prince Edward Island
  • Chief Julia Cecchetto, Kentville Police Service, Nova Scotia
  • Chief Joseph Boland, Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Chief Superintendent Scott Sheppard, RCMP “M” Division, Territories