Protective Policing

The RCMP's Protective Services:

Canadian dignitaries

The RCMP's Protective Operations provides Protective Services for:

Foreign dignitaries

Internationally Protected Persons may also receive Protective Services while in Canada. Some of these individuals may include:

Government-led events

Protective services may be provided at an event characterized by the following:

Canadian Air Carrier Protective Program

The Government of Canada established the Canadian Air Carrier Protective Program in 2002, in response to the events of September 11, 2001. This program protects the travelling public from threats, both in airports and on select domestic and international flights.

In the air

Highly specialized, covert operatives, known as In-Flight Security Officers respond to:

On the ground

The In-Flight Security Officers are also trained in advanced techniques including Behavioural Observation and Analysis and intelligence gathering capabilities. They support national security operations and may assist the police of jurisdiction, as and when required.

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