Police Dog Service Training Centre

The RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre has three strategic priorities:

  • Breeding quality working dogs
  • Training of dog handler teams
  • Annual validation of dog handler teams

Our programs

To meet these priorities, we have several programs:

  • Breeding program
  • Potential police service dog imprinting
  • Potential police service dog pre-training
  • General duty multi-profile Police Dog Service (PDS) team training
  • Avalanche search and rescue
  • Advanced techniques training
  • Single profile narcotics detection teams
  • Single profile explosives detection teams

General duty multi-profile Police Dog Service (PDS) team training is comprised of these profiles:

  • Obedience
  • Tracking
  • Searching for firearms, persons and evidence
  • Criminal apprehension
  • One of the following:
    • Narcotics detection
    • Explosives detection
    • Human remains detection

The general duty training, retraining and single profile narcotics detection programs have a mandatory 6-month follow-up component.

General duty PDS teams trained in explosives detection have an additional 4 weeks of training, during which they are exposed to searching, luggage, aircraft, vehicles, hotels, at airports etc.

PDS teams are required to successfully complete an annual validation of all their profiles.

Dog handlers are expected to maintain a continuous training program to develop their police service dog and, as a team, meet the operational demands of the environment that they work in.

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