Police Dog Service Training Centre

The RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre has three priorities:

  • Breeding quality working dogs
  • Training of dog teams
  • Annual validation of dog teams

Our programs

To meet these priorities, we have many programs:

  • World-class breeding
  • Potential police dog imprinting
  • Potential police dog pre-training
  • Dog handler training and retraining, with these components:
    • Narcotic detection
    • Explosive detection
    • Human remains detection
  • Avalanche search and rescue
  • Advanced techniques training
  • Assistance to outside agencies
  • Specialty narcotic detection
  • Specialty explosive detection

The dog handler training, retraining and specialty narcotic detection programs have a mandatory 6-month follow-up component.

All teams trained in explosives detection have a mandatory 2-week on-site explosives training.

Handlers and dogs need to undergo annual validation of their working profiles.

Training is continuous for the entire working life of the police service dog team.

Visit the centre

We’re located just southwest of Innisfail, Alberta. Take Exit 365 off the Queen Elizabeth II highway (Hwy #2) at Innisfail and follow the signs.

Our summer demonstrations are back!

We hold regular public demonstrations:

  • Wednesdays between Victoria Day and Labour Day
  • 2 to 2:45 pm
  • Free of charge

Large groups, such as schools and retirement homes, should contact the centre in advance:

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