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  • Harmonized TRA Methodology - Tool TRA-1

The Harmonized Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) Methodology is an unclassified publication, issued under the authority of the Chief, Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) and the Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Harmonized TRA Methodology (hosted by CSEC)


The following publications have been archived.

If you are an employee of the Canadian government and would like to obtain an archived publication in PDF format, please send a request by email to with the following information: contact name, department or agency, phone number, email address and publication number/name.

  • G1-002 - Security Lighting (08/1987)
  • G1-003 - Glazing (04/2000)
  • G1-007 - Security Sealing of Building Emergency / Master Keys or Cypher Lock Codes (03/1991)
  • G1-008 - Guidelines for Guard Services (04/2001)
  • G1-010 - Security Connotations of the 1995 National Building Code (04/1998)
  • G1-011 - Overhead Door Specifications (08/1987)
  • G1-012 - Suspended Ceiling Systems (08/1987)
  • G1-013 - Security Control Room Space Requirements (09/2006)
  • G1-014 - Exterior Fixed-ladder Barrier Specification (08/1987)
  • G1-015 - Entry Controls for Overhead Doors (12/1981)
  • G1-016 - Master Key Systems (12/1981)
  • G1-017 - Hardware (02/1985)
  • G1-018 - Doors and Frames (03/1985)
  • G1-019 - Vaults (03/1985)
  • G1-029 - Secure Rooms (04/2006)
    Notice: RCMP guide G1-029 Secure Rooms has been replaced by two new companion guides: G13-01 Secure Storage Room Guide and G13-02 Secure Demising Wall Guide