Year in Review Report

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Year in Review Report 2020/2021

The Manitoba RCMP's annual Year in Review Report highlights the year's policing activities and showcases our successes. It also provides information about our programs and services including our priorities for the year, and a look at some of our community initiatives.

Read the Year in Review's Introduction and request a copy of the full report.

D Division Reconciliation Story

Starting in November 2018, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) D Division began consultations with Elders and Leaders from organizations which represent all Indigenous communities in Manitoba. The circle of consultations included a very wide range in order to capture the full breadth and diversity within our Indigenous cultures. From Grand Chiefs and Grandparents to families and friends. From Elders and youth to Knowledge Keepers and truth seekers. During these consultations we asked for help, and Indigenous Peoples in Manitoba graciously shared their wisdom, stories, truths, and guidance, all of which have provided us with practical steps toward an ongoing process of reconciliation. This report attempts to capture what was learned.

Read the Reconciliation Story's Executive Summary and request a copy of the full Reconciliation Story.

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