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Contact Information

D Division Headquarters:
1091 Portage Avenue
P.O. Box 5650
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 3K2
Telephone: (204) 983-5420

If you are looking for phone numbers for RCMP Detachments in Manitoba, see RCMP D Division Detachment Locator.

Please e-mail us only for non-urgent matters. If this is an urgent matter please dial 911 or call your local RCMP detachment.

Contact us regarding:

  • Reporting Scams and Frauds:
    Please visit Scams and Frauds

  • Child Pornography on the Internet:
    Child Find Manitoba's Cybertip!ca is a Canadian Internet tip line for receiving and addressing reports from the public regarding child pornography, luring, child sex-tourism and children who are prostituted. When Cybertip!ca receives a report that it assesses to be potentially illegal, it refers the report to police. For more information, visit the Cybertip!ca web site.

  • Crime Stoppers:
    If you have information about a crime in your area contact Crime Stoppers at: or call toll free: 1-800-222-8477

  • Recruiting:
    Are you interested in a career with the RCMP? Contact your nearest Recruiting Office or your local Detachment.

  • Canada Firearms Program (CFP) or firearm safety training related questions?
    Visit our site or contact the CFP:
    Canadian Firearms Program
    Manitoba/Nunavut Chief Firearms Officer
    Unit 1 - 1680 Ellice Ave
    Winnipeg MB R3H 0Z2

    General Inquiries:
    1-800-731-4000 ext 8002
    1-204-984-0670 (fax)
    Email CFO - Manitoba and Nunavut at:

Email D Division:
Please e-mail us only for non-urgent matters. The RCMP does not accept reports of crime via email. To report a crime, or for immediate police assistance, contact your local RCMP detachment or the police service of jurisdiction in your area.

You are kindly requested to contact D Division Communications only for all your non-urgent inquiries that do not require immediate action at:

Please note:

  • Information that you send electronically could be accessed by another person. Do not send personal information.
  • Messages are reviewed and answered during normal business hours only.