About the RCMP in Manitoba

The Manitoba RCMP aims to keep the peace and uphold the law. We’re proud to provide quality policing service in partnership with our communities.

Our policing environment is changing. The challenges we face today are much different than those in the past. In today's world, we face:

  • changing demographics
  • geographical constraints
  • social change
  • shifting values
  • terrorist activities
  • new technology

Meeting the challenge

Three key tools that help us deal with these issues are:

  • focusing on intelligence-led policing
  • using modern technology
  • building strategic partnerships with the communities we serve

Keeping communities safe

Manitobans deserve the highest quality professional policing service. We continue to develop solutions to community safety issues.

The RCMP in Manitoba provides policing services via:

  • 80 detachments
  • approximately 1000 regular members
  • approximately 450 civilian and public service employees

2021/2022 D Division Priorities

The following priorities provide a framework for our efforts throughout the year.

Enhance service delivery

We want to ensure we are well positioned to serve Manitoba citizens effectively. We will work with our contract partners, Manitoba Justice and provincial partners to keep our communities safe.

As technology continues to evolve, it is important that we stay innovative. We aim to:

  • optimize our delivery of policing services
  • support and expand current technological assets
  • explore innovative service delivery
  • research alternative policing models

Strengthen partnerships and support reconciliation with Indigenous communities

We will strengthen partnerships and apply prevention and education programs. Both are key to supporting and protecting the Indigenous communities we live in and serve.

While building our reconciliation story, we will:

  • enhance our communication with Indigenous communities through community outreach and youth engagement initiatives
  • work towards improved understanding between detachments, community leaders and citizens
  • share and encourage innovative training and cultural awareness throughout the province, including the use of the sacred Eagle Feather, Kairos Blanket (exercise training) and other special events

Improve road and water safety

Road and water safety is a priority for us and Manitobans. Data and evidence-based enforcement will help us respond to problem areas. Our goal is to change the dangerous driving and boating habits of Manitobans.

In collaboration with Manitoba Public Insurance, our partners and the public, we seek to:

  • reduce the number of injuries
  • reduce the number of fatalities
  • continue to provide training to address alcohol and drug impairment offences
  • implement a strategic boat safety and enforcement plan and engage the public in the road and water safety solution

Proactively reduce crime

Sharing intelligence with our partner agencies has an impact on organized crime in our province. We will focus on:

  • preventing and reducing crime in our communities by:
    • using intelligence-led and evidence-based decisions
    • using strategies based on comprehensive analysis
    • increasing search warrants executed and charges laid for Controlled Drug and Substances Act
    • carrying out the development of the Provincial Operational Plan to target methamphetamine in Manitoba
  • building our investigative and intelligence capacity to address crime and allocating resources toward existing and emerging threats occurring in our communities like property crime and illicit drugs

Promote community safety and wellness

We will focus our efforts on:

  • identifying problematic areas
  • addressing root causes of crime
  • enhancing and encouraging the use of social development programs
  • reducing violence and victimization
  • educating and promoting crime prevention
  • implementing a violent crime reduction strategy
  • implementing a new restorative justice strategy
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