Human Trafficking is a Crime


Every year in Canada, men, women and children are bought and sold...generating millions of dollars for criminal organizations.

Vulnerable people are exploited for the sex trade, forced labour, child exploitation and the removal of organs.

Human trafficking is a crime.

A message from the government of Canada.

Descriptive Text

This video is a montage about human trafficking. It begins by showing a plane landing at an airport then men exchanging money for a young female. We then see young males exchanging money in a car to illustrate how human trafficking generates millions of dollars for individuals and criminal organizations. Next, we see a young female who has been forced into the sex trade using makeup to cover bruises on her face, a man who has been forced into labour working in a kitchen, and a sad-looking child who illustrates child exploitation. All of these people depict the vulnerability of exploited individuals. Finally, we see an image of medical supplies then a shipping container being loaded on a dock to depict the removal of organs. During the montage, a narrator says the text in the following transcript.

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