RCMP Memorial Memento

Members at memorial service

On September 9, 2006, Commissioner Zaccardelli presented the inaugural RCMP Memorial Momentos to eligible next-of-kin who attended the RCMP Memorial Service in Regina

The Memento is handcrafted by the Royal Canadian Mint and presented to the next-of-kin of fallen members whose names are inscribed on the Cenotaph, in the Honour Roll Book, and on the Memorial Wall Plaques in Regina and, on the HQ Memorial in Ottawa.

The Memento is an antique-toned and lacquered sterling silver medallion; the brooch is engraved with "IN MEMORIAM"; the front is engraved with the crest and motto of the RCMP on a police badge with regimental number surrounded by maple leaves; the reverse is engraved, in the fallen member's first official language, with rank, initials, surname and service dates.

The Memento is to be worn with pride by next-of-kin during Memorial Services, or at any other occasion that is deemed appropriate, as a tribute to their brave family member, who was killed in the performance of their duties. It is a lasting tribute recognizing the supreme loss to family members, ensuring that future generations are reminded of their ancestor's heroic dedication.

The Memento is issued in respect of a fallen member to only the following persons (total of three (3) per family), described as next-of-kin, namely:

  1. to the mother, if alive,
  2. to the father, if alive,
  3. to the spouse/common-law partner, if alive,
  4. where there is no person referred to in (1), (2) or (3), to the eldest living child,
  5. where there is no person referred to in (1), (2), (3) or (4), to the brother or sister, if alive, whichever is eldest.

All next-of-kin of fallen members will be presented with this Memento by the Commissioner at the Family Reception, which takes place the evening prior to the Memorial Service in Regina, the second week of September each year.

This Memento can be worn by next-of-kin at Memorial Services or any other occasion that is deemed appropriate.

Next-of-kin are requested to complete an application form to be forwarded to Honours and Recognition for administration/processing. Once the Memento is received from the Royal Canadian Mint, it will be sent to the Commanding Officers of respective divisions for future presentation.

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