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Federal Enforcement Program

The Federal Enforcement Program is a component of RCMP Border Integrity and encompasses three distinct federal mandates: the Federal Enforcement mandate, the War Crimes mandate, and the Airport Federal Enforcement Program mandate.

Federal Enforcement Mandate

The Federal Enforcement mandate encompasses numerous federal statutes and regulations. It is enforced through a combination of proactive and reactive strategies implemented within community-based policing principles. The proactive program is a well-balanced approach of prevention, education and enforcement measures partnered with affected client communities. Reactive investigations are initiated in response to requests for RCMP assistance received from other federal departments. These requests could be in relation to any one of the over 270 federal statutes and are contingent on the provisions of approximately 18 Memoranda of Understanding with other government departments. This Federal Enforcement Program is enforced through four sub-programs:

Intellectual Property Rights Crime

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Crime sub-program is responsible for investigating criminal offences under the Copyright Act and trademark offences under the Criminal Code. Its main objective is to protect the community from infringed products posing health and safety risks. The RCMP works closely with its partners, Health Canada, Canada Border Services Agency and the private sector to secure the Canadian supply chain and protect the integrity of commercial trade within Canada. Together, they have developed a strategy to combat IPR crime, mainly focusing on public awareness and integrated enforcement. The main statutes under this sub-program are the Copyright Act and the Criminal Code.

Aviation & Transportation

The Aviation & Transportation sub-program is responsible for operational policy related to airport protective policing, federal statute investigations involving organized criminal groups at Canadian international airports and other transportation related policy. This sub-program collaborates with other federal authorities and industry stakeholders in support of investigations relating to aviation, airports, transportation safety, transportation of dangerous goods, as well as transportation in the rail and marine environments.

The main statutes under this sub-program include: Canada Transportation Act, Aeronautics Act and Regulations, Canada Shipping Act, Dangerous Goods Act, Small Vessel Regulations and the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Act.

Environmental Crime, Public Safety & War Crimes

The Environmental Crime, Public Safety & War Crimes sub-program is responsible for operational policy pertaining to environmental protection including waste disposal and the dumping of pollutants into the ecosystem. The sub-program also acts as the Federal and International Operations representative on the Pandemic response group. The RCMP will provide assistance under the Quarantine Act to restrain individuals who are quarantined including infected passengers on a ship or aircraft. In addition, the RCMP works with partners such as Department of Justice, Citizenship Immigration Canada and Canada Border Services Agency to ensure that Canada does not become a safe haven for those involved in crimes against humanity or war crimes. This initiative is aimed at: preventing war criminals from entering Canada, deportation and revocation of citizenship of war criminals in Canada involved in such acts, and criminal prosecution when appropriate.

The main statutes that fall under this mandate are: the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act (CAHWC Act), Migratory Birds Convention Act, National Capital Act, Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Quarantine Act, Canada National Parks Act and the Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulations of International and Interprovincial Trade Act.

Canada's Program on Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes

Financial Loss to Federal Government

The Financial Loss to the Federal Government sub-program aims to combat the financial loss to federal government revenues and funds through: criminal conspiracies, frauds, forgeries and/or misappropriation of Federal Government funds, criminal frauds pertaining to motor vehicle odometer tampering, illegal theft of television signals by commercial enterprises, as well as criminal frauds pertaining to animal pedigrees.

The main statutes that fall under this mandate are the Canada Pension Plan Act, Canada Student Loans Act, Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act and the Old Age Security Act, the Animal Pedigree Act, the Weights and Measures Act and the Radiocommunication Act.

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