Commanding Officer

Chief Superintendent Scott Sheppard

Chief Superintendent Scott Sheppard

Chief Superintendent Sheppard joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in 1989. Having spent nearly 3 decades with the RCMP, Chief Superintendent Sheppard has gained a wide-range of experience in programs such as general duty policing, covert and undercover operations, critical incidents, relocation services and officer development and resourcing.

In November 2016, Chief Superintendent Sheppard was appointed to the position of Commanding Officer for Yukon, also known as M Division, and is currently posted to RCMP Headquarters in Whitehorse.

Chief Superintendent Sheppard began his career in Powerview, Manitoba, in 1990, working on general duty investigations. In 1995, he transferred to British Columbia where he worked in a variety of locations and roles over six years, including front-line policing in Coquitlam, drug investigator in Vancouver, undercover operator and explosives technician in Vancouver.

In 2006, after spending a few years teaching in the Explosives Training program at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa, he returned to British Columbia to be a Watch Commander at Prince George detachment.

In 2007, Chief Superintendent Sheppard was commissioned to the rank of Inspector at National Headquarters in Ottawa as the Officer in Charge of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Explosives (CBRNE) Operations. In this role, he led a number of initiatives including International Training and the development of the CBRNE protection plan for the 2010 Olympics.

The next few years saw Chief Superintendent Sheppard taking on a number of senior management positions, including Officer in Charge of the National Critical Incident Program, Officer in Charge of Undercover Operations, Director of Relocation, and most recently, Career Resource and Development Officer in Executive/Officer Development and Resourcing.

Throughout his career, Chief Superintendent Sheppard has received several honours for his efforts, including the Queen's Jubilee medal in recognition of his leadership and development of the "Whole of Government" approach to security during the 2010 Olympic Games, as well as the Commanding Officer's Commendation for long term Undercover Operations.

Chief Superintendent Sheppard has also presented on the RCMP's security programs to officials in the United Kingdom, United Nations, Geneva, as well as INTERPOL, and has conducted program reviews for Australian police agencies. He has also assisted the Canadian Forces in furthering their counter insurgency investigations during his time in Afghanistan and through his efforts in Canada.

Chief Superintendent Sheppard is married and has two adult children. He is an avid outdoors person who enjoys fishing and hunting. He also enjoys electronics, mechanics and rebuilding antique cars and motorcycles.

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