Why be a part of the Musical Ride?


Testimonial: Why be a part of the Musical Ride?

[Scene showing Cst. Joseph Beaton cleaning tack in the stables at the Musical Ride Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.]

[Cst. Joseph Beaton]: Well my career with the RCMP has been incredibly rewarding so far, but the Musical Ride is really the embodiment of the core values of the RCMP: honesty, integrity, professionalism, compassion, accountability, respect. It is really embodied here; you get to go out and be that every day and have a positive impact on every community that you go into.

[Video transition to scene showing married riders Cst. Steve Saulnier and Cst. Priscilla Cote with their horses at the Musical Ride Centre in Ottawa, Ontario]

[Cst. Steve Saulnier]: For me being part of the Musical Ride, what's more Canadian then being part of the Musical Ride? Go anywhere that you want, you travel; you say you are a mountie on a black horse they will recognize you right away. It is a police force, that is known worldwide and honestly, for me, it is my spouse, who had more of the horse background and it's always been a goal for her, I literally thought, I would join of the ride and enjoy it. I love animals and figured I could give this a try and honestly it has been a great experience so far.

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