The RCMP Musical Ride's Cst. Allison Barker


Testimonial: Cst. Allison Barker

[Scene showing Cst. Allison Barker cleaning tack in the stables at the Musical Ride Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.]

[Cst. Allison Barker]: For me, personally, it's not a hidden fact among me and my co-workers that I grew up idolizing the Musical Ride, the RCMP and horses.

I was a young horse girl and very patriotic, so to combine those together…

Every year, I had an aunt that lives in Ottawa…and every year growing up for Canada Day my Mom and I would come up to Ottawa, come for Canada Day week and we'd come and watch the Musical Ride perform, every year as a child.

So, since my relatives tell me all the way back since I was five, I was talking about being on the RCMP, being able to get up here and take pictures with someone from the Musical Ride, meet or talk to any Mountie, it was always the biggest picture of my summer and I always talked about that.

So for me, it's actually a childhood dream that I've been able to get selected and live out – which I don't think it gets better than that.

It's pretty much the dream, so I literally am living my childhood dream now and it's really exciting!

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