Pre-Employment Polygraph

The Pre-Employment Polygraph (PEP) is a process used by the RCMP to assist in determining an applicant's suitability, reliability, honesty and integrity. It is only one stage of a multi-staged recruiting process designed to help verify all the information an applicant has provided throughout the recruiting process (e.g., application forms, questionnaires, and previous interviews).

What happens at the PEP?

The polygraph examiner will review the Regular Member Applicant Questionnaire (RMAQ) in detail with you to ensure that you have disclosed all relevant and appropriate information. It's important to understand that the RCMP does not expect perfect people but does expect a high level of honesty and integrity about past behaviour and activities.

Although it is imperative that you disclose honestly all information within the RMAQ at the time of submission, it is very common to recall further information or to be unexpectedly exposed to situations that need to be disclosed. This stage will be the last opportunity for you to show your level of honesty and integrity.

Questions for the PEP will be selected by the polygraph examiner, based upon responses provided during the RMAQ review. The polygraph examiner will review PEP questions with you prior to conducting the PEP.

The examination will verify whether or not you are deliberately withholding any information with respect to your involvement in any criminal activities.

The entire PEP process should take no more than four to five hours to complete. Should an applicant attempt to withhold information or choose not to cooperate, the actual length could be considerably longer. The actual testing portion (attached to the instrument) is done at the end of the interview and takes about 15-20 minutes.

How can you prepare for your PEP examination?

Prior to your PEP, review your RMAQ to determine if additional disclosures or changes need to be made. Provide any new disclosures to the polygraph examiner during your PEP.

Attend your PEP well rested and fed. If you are on medication, continue to take it as prescribed.

During your PEP, it will be important to follow any and all instructions provided by the polygraph examiner. Your ability to follow directions will be crucial to the process. Ensure that you completely clear your mind of the things that you have done in your past to guarantee a successful examination.

Applicants who demonstrate higher levels of honesty and integrity usually find their experience with the PEP more rewarding than those who choose to withhold information.

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