Police officer cannabis training

The RCMP offers new courses to help our members and other law enforcement officers adapt to the new laws.

Introduction to Cannabis Legislation

The Introduction to Cannabis Legislation is a bilingual online course presented in partnership with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the Canadian Police Knowledge Network. It is available to all RCMP employees and to all Canadian police services.

The training teaches police officers how to consistently apply the new laws on cannabis and drug-impaired driving.

Training objectives

  • Identify cannabis in its various forms
  • Identify legal quantities
  • Differentiate between the medical and non-medical cannabis regimes
  • Recognize criminal offences under the Cannabis Act
  • Understand the elements and powers of arrest for each offence under the Cannabis Act
  • Identify hazards as they relate to environments involving cannabis
  • Understand the impact of the new Act on policing in Indigenous communities
    • How to determine the legislation to apply in each community
    • How the unique nature of each community should affect the law enforcement approach
  • Link to other training related to drug-impaired driving

Drug-impaired driving training

To complement the existing classroom Standard Field Sobriety Training (SFST) and Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training, the RCMP has two new online courses:

  • Basic Impaired Driving Detection Techniques
  • SFST Review (for officers who have already obtained their SFST certification)

We also have a new classroom program focused on the operation of the approved drug screening equipment.

Online cannabis and impaired driving courses are available through the Canadian Police Knowledge Network at no cost to all Canadian police services.

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