Police dogs and cannabis

Because they were trained to recognize the scent of cannabis, the RCMP has retired its narcotics dogs used for traffic stops and interdiction work. Newly trained police dogs will recognize the smell of all narcotics except cannabis.

Training for traffic and interdiction dogs

The training of the new RCMP traffic and interdiction dogs started this summer at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre in Innisfail, Alberta. The narcotics profile takes between 20 to 50 days to be added to a police dog's training.

RCMP traffic and interdiction dogs represent 12% of RCMP narcotics dogs.

General duty police dogs

RCMP general duty police dogs are dogs with a narcotics detection profile but not performing traffic and interdiction work. These dogs will still be trained to recognize the smell of cannabis after the Cannabis Act comes into force. There will still be offences related to cannabis.

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