Programs and services

National Division is responsible for policing multiple federal statutes and federal regulations including many aspects of local, national and international law enforcement.

Policing in the National Capital Region

The RCMP National Division protects the National Capital Region federal buildings and roads.

National Capital Region Traffic Unit

The RCMP National Division ensures safety on federal roadways in the National Capital Region. The RCMP National Capital Region Traffic Unit enforces laws and regulations relating to traffic, impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding, etc.

  • Impaired and distracted driving campaigns
    Throughout the year, we hold road safety awareness campaigns with other RCMP units or our partners (Ottawa Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, Police de la Ville de Gatineau, Sûreté du Québec and the military police).

Protective Policing Operations

The RCMP protects a number of designated Canadians at home and abroad. This includes the Prime Minister and the Governor General, as well as other designated Canadian, members of the diplomatic community, and foreign dignitaries when they visit Canada.

We are also responsible for the protection of designated federal properties in the National Capital Region, including Rideau Hall and the Prime Minister's residences, as well as of the inviolability of foreign diplomatic properties, such as embassies and consulates. The RCMP works in close partnership with police services across the country to fulfil its mandate and provide support as needed to police of jurisdiction, who are responsible for the response to, oversight of and any investigation related to criminal offences that may occur at an embassy or consulate.

The Emergency Response Team responds to high-threat incidents and supports other units.

For more information, please visit the Protective Policing Operations page.

Sensitive and International Investigations

The RCMP National Division investigates high profile cases threatening Canada's political and economic and social integrity. For example:

  • Foreign corruption with a nexus to Canada
  • domestic corruption and political investigations
  • war crimes and torture

For more information, please visit the Sensitive and International Investigations page.

Technical Investigative Services

The RCMP National Division Technical Investigative Services provides support to operations by providing specialized investigative and technical services.

It is also comprised of the Cybercrime Investigative Unit which combats priority cybercrimes such as those involving widespread unauthorized computer use and mischief in relation to data and threats to vital cyber systems. It improves the RCMP's ability to investigate suspected domestic and international cybercrimes against Canadians, including threats to Canada's networks and critical infrastructure.

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