Infographic: Did you know? Missing persons

Infographic: Did you know? Missing persons
Quick facts about reporting missing persons and RCMP's procedures in Nova Scotia. Text version below.
Infographic: Did you know? Missing persons - Text version

Every report of a missing person is taken seriously by the Nova Scotia RCMP, and is thoroughly investigated. It does not matter if someone has been reported missing before, or what their personal circumstances are - our priority is always to ensure the health and safety of the person reported missing.

  • In 2020, NS RCMP investigated 1060 reports of missing persons
  • In 2020, NS RCMP issued 104 news releases about missing persons

We only issue news releases about missing persons if there is an urgent need to locate them to ensure their safety, or if all other investigative methods have been exhausted.

Why are there so many missing persons reports?

There are many reasons why someone may be reported missing. The RCMP's priority is to ensure the individual's safety - we do not share information about personal circumstances.

  • The majority of missing persons are located safely within hours of being reported missing.
  • Very few missing persons cases are related. If cases are related, police will share that information if the case is made public.

Please do not contribute to rumours and misinformation by speculating on circumstances, or attempting to connect individual cases without accurate information from police.

The RCMP takes an individual's right to privacy very seriously

We only share information about why someone is reported missing when it is specifically relevant to the investigation.

  • Once a missing person is located, we remove all their personal information - including photos, names, and personal descriptions - from our website and social media channels
  • If you report someone missing, you may not get information about their whereabouts once police determine they are safe

If you ever have to report someone missing

Contact police or 911 immediately if you have concerns about their personal safety. Do not wait 24 hours before calling.

Police will ask for:

  • Full name of missing person
  • Physical description - height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, etc.
  • Where they were last seen
  • What they were last seen wearing
  • (if relevant) Details of the vehicle they were driving
  • A recent photograph

Our priority is to ensure a person's safety if they are reported missing. Police must have direct contact with the individual reported missing to conclude an investigation.

How you can help police find missing persons

  • Share RCMP social media posts and news releases about missing persons
  • Contact police immediately if you have information that can help locate a missing person
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