RCMP Major Crime Unit charge man in cottage construction frauds.

March 29, 2023
Queens and Prince County, Prince Edward Island

News release

RCMP Major Crime Unit has laid three counts of Fraud Over $5000 against 29-year-old Brandon Lloyd Waite of Summerside. The charges relate to customers who reported being defrauded in cottage construction.

In June 2022, PEI RCMP began investigating Brandon Lloyd Waite and his company, "the Cottage Company." Police had received complaints from Queens and Prince Counties involving three customers who had paid Waite to build them cottages. Customers reported giving a total of over $140,000 to Waite and did not receive any service in return. Waite was arrested on March 28th, 2023 and was released on strict conditions to attend court on April 19th, 2023, at 9:30 am in Summerside Provincial Court.

The Prince and Queens District RCMP assisted in this investigation.

The PEI RCMP would like to share a few tips for homeowners to avoid construction fraud.

What is construction fraud:

Any time someone hires a contractor and that contractor lies/deceives customers to intentionally take something from their customer; this is considered construction fraud. Police must prove that someone intended to do something dishonest, like using forged documents, lying about work or permits, or if money is collected based on a lie.

How to avoid fraud:

Start researching; reputations matter, and a contractor's reputation is their most important trait.

Questions you could ask include:

• Do they have the credentials to do the job?
• Is the price too good to be true?
• Do they have the required insurance and permits?
• Independently check references through a friend, family or neighbour.

Once they have been hired:

• Beware of pressure tactics.
• If you suspect a problem, don't rush into more payments.

How to protect yourself.

• Get things in writing, including contracts, invoices, quotes, and emails. Make sure communication and expectations are clear.
• Keep records, and cheques.
• Know exactly what you are giving money for and have that in writing. Get a receipt.

What happens if you have been defrauded?

• Contact the police.
• Civil Court is always an option. contact a lawyer or small claims court.

"Doing your research before you hire a contractor and getting things in writing will significantly protect you from construction fraud." – Constable Gavin Moore Media Relations Officer with the PEI RCMP.


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