Black History Month: Meet Sergeant Rupert Wilson, RCMP Liaison Officer (LO) for Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

February 16, 2023
London, Ontario

News release


Jamaica Liaison Officer (LO) with Canadian Police College (CPC) instructor at the opening ceremony for the first ever Polygraph Examiners training conducted by CPC in Jamaica. From right to left – RCMP LO Sgt. Rupert Wilson and Shaun Smith - CPC Lead Instructor.
The Jamaica RCMP Liaison officer (LO) as part of an international panel discussion at the Jamaica Crime Symposium in Kingston, Jamaica. From right to left: RCMP LO - Sgt. Rupert Wilson, Dominick Riley - US Postal Service, Dolan Greenidge – Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Joanna Callen - Deputy Superintendent Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF).

"My name is Rupert Wilson and I am presently the RCMP Liaison Officer (LO) for Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. I have been a member of the RCMP going on 28 years now. I am originally from Guyana, South America and immigrated to Canada as a young child.

I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and after graduating university with a Physical Education Degree I planned on being a high school teacher. Becoming a police officer was not a career path I had envisioned but after a serendipitous encounter with an RCMP recruiter while I was at Teacher's College I set my sights on joining the RCMP.

After graduating from Depot, I worked in H Division (Nova Scotia) and then O Division (Ontario), where I spent the bulk of my career in Federal policing before deploying to Jamaica as the LO in Aug 2021.

As the RCMP LO in Jamaica, I work in partnership with Jamaican law enforcement and other international law enforcement agencies based in Jamaica. My primary role is to be a link between law enforcement agencies in Canada and Jamaica in order to facilitate bilateral cooperation to advance criminal matters that have a Canadian and Jamaican connection.

Having a Caribbean background allowed me to integrate seamlessly with my Jamaican colleagues and make an easy transition to the Jamaican lifestyle. During my time in Jamaica, I have worked with various law enforcement entities and I have gained an appreciation of the challenges these agencies face.

Jamaica continues to grapple with the proliferation of firearms, the trafficking of narcotic drugs and gang violence which in many instances, undermine the authority of the State. During the remainder of my posting, I hope to collaborate and share best practices to help improve and build capacity within the Jamaican Constabulary Force.

Outside of work, I have taken the opportunity to explore island life with all its hospitality, charm and intrigue. My experience in Jamaica has been challenging at times but very rewarding as a whole.

Black History month provides an opportunity to celebrate the contributions that Black colleagues and communities have made to the RCMP, Canada and beyond.

I have been inspired by several black members that have come before me.

Throughout my career, I have always tried to be a positive role model and lead by example. I hope that I have managed to build a legacy that inspires others to pursue their dreams and to be the change they want to see."

Sgt. Rupert Wilson
RCMP Liaison Officer Jamaica & Cayman Islands


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