Supreme Court of Canada decision in the Greenwood Gray matter

March 17, 2022
Ottawa, Ontario


Today, I received the Supreme Court of Canada's decision to deny Canada's application for leave to appeal in the matter of Greenwood Gray. Canada had asked the Supreme Court of Canada to hear its appeal to obtain clarity on important points of law that have a broader impact on the public service and its ability to address workplace disputes.

I respect the Supreme Court of Canada's decision. Separate and apart from the court proceedings, I recognize there is always more we can do to improve our workplace. Ensuring a more equitable workplace, free of harassment, violence, and discrimination is a top priority for the RCMP.

With the launch of the Independent Centre for Harassment Resolution (ICHR), RCMP employees now have a reliable process to report workplace harassment and violence. This includes behaviours that they may experience directly, witness or are aware of in their workplace.

Reporting workplace harassment and violence allows the RCMP to take steps to resolve the issue and implement corrective measures to prevent it from happening again. Prevention is key to ensuring that the workplace remains a safe and respectful space for everyone.

In support of building a safe and healthy workplace, the RCMP has also taken action to implement a new Well-being Strategy for employees. The new Strategy focuses on the provision of support services, early intervention, and the prevention and treatment of employee mental health challenges.

I am determined to bring about positive change at the RCMP. We know this will take meaningful long-term action, but we are committed to seeing our vision through. We must continue working together to be the modern, inclusive and healthy organization we need to be for our employees and communities. To learn more about the RCMP's culture change initiatives and track our progress, see Change in action.

Brenda Lucki

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