Sarah Jackson and Michael Gordon Jackson located by RCMP

February 24, 2022
Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan



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Speaking points - Sarah Jackson and Michael Gordon Jackson located by RCMP:

Good afternoon. I am Sergeant Major Darryl Milo with the Saskatchewan RCMP.

"We have some good news…"

This is what our Regina RCMP General Investigation Section officers told Mariecar this afternoon just before they advised her they had found her daughter, Sarah.

Around noon today, Sarah Jackson was located over 1300 kilometers away from Regina - in Vernon, British Columbia.

Vernon RCMP officers located Michael Gordon Jackson and Sarah Jackson in a vehicle parked outside of a business in Vernon, BC. No one else was with them.

Michael Gordon Jackson was arrested without incident. He remains in custody and will be returned to Saskatchewan for court proceedings.

Sarah Jackson was safe and she will be reunited with her mom later today.

Mariecar has been waiting for this day, and that phone call from our investigators, since last year. She would like to thank everyone who played in a role in helping to locate her daughter.

This includes every single person who took a moment to listen to her pleas released today and last week. Those that shared these videos and kept the conversation about her daughter going.

Mariecar has asked for privacy at this time as she understandably takes some time to reunite with Sarah.

When Saskatchewan RCMP investigators stand at this podium, often times we are not speaking about good news. This is the nature of the work we do.

Today, we achieved the outcome we have been diligently working towards: reuniting Sarah with her mom.

We want to thank the many police officers from multiple police agencies and in multiple provinces who assisted with this investigation since November of last year.

We can say that we received tips and information from multiple provinces.

The first video we released on February 15 reached over 440,000 people and was shared over 13,000 times. In the first hour after posting the second video today the video was shared 177 times and reached over 4,500 people.

To the public and our news partners – those here today, thank you. You played a role in assisting us with this investigation.

While we cannot go into detail about the specific steps our officers need to take, we want to say this investigation is not over.

The return of Sarah to her mother is very new and the investigation is ongoing.


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