Pilot project targets noisy vehicles

August 15, 2022
Dieppe, Moncton and Riverview, New Brunswick

News release

The Codiac Regional RCMP is exploring a new way to target noise related to vehicle muffler and exhaust systems that are not in good working order.

If a police officer pulls over a vehicle that is making excessive noise from the muffler or exhaust, the police officer can issue an order to the driver have the vehicle inspected by an authorized mechanic. Under the new initiative, Codiac Regional RCMP will cover the cost of the inspection – if there's nothing wrong with the vehicle.

"Under the Motor Vehicle Act, a police officer can require a driver to submit to a vehicle inspection if they have reason to believe the vehicle is not in good working order," says Éric Larose, Community Policing Unit Manager with the Codiac Regional RCMP. "What we're doing with this initiative is to say, get your vehicle inspected – if it passes, we will pay for the inspection. But if it doesn't, you're on the hook for the inspection and the repairs."

If the vehicle does not pass inspection, a rejection sticker will be issued. The vehicle owner then has 14 days to make the necessary repairs and have the vehicle re-inspected, at their own cost.

"It's not just about noise, it's another way to ensure that vehicles on our roads are safe," says Larose. "In the past 30 days, we have stopped 12 vehicles under this program and none of them have passed inspection. We encourage everyone to make sure their vehicles are in good working order for everyone's safety."

The initiative will run as a pilot project in the Codiac area for the rest of the summer.


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Éric Larose
Community Policing Manager
Codiac Regional RCMP

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