Nunavut RCMP Supports Victims and Survivors of Crime Week; Highlighting the Department of Justice Victim Services Unit

May 13, 2022
Iqaluit, Nunavut

News release

May 15th to 21st marks National Victims and Survivors of Crime Week

This week offers an opportunity to raise awareness about the issues facing victims and survivors of crime, and highlight the services, programs and laws that are in place to help victims and their families. We also want to acknowledge the important work of victim service providers.

In Nunavut, the Victim Services Unit provides support to victims and witnesses of crime and other significant traumatic events. The Victim Care Coordinators are caring and knowledgeable, and an invaluable part of our team.

The Victim Services Unit offers practical assistance, emotional support, referrals and court orientation and accompaniment. They also provide information on the Victims of Crime Act, which is National legislation that defines victim's rights, and the Crime Victim Assistance Program, which outlines when an individual may be eligible for benefits such as counselling. They also will assist with registering with the National Parole Board, victims travel support program, and the Family Information Liaison Unit for all families of MMIWG.

If you have been a victim or witness of a crime and would like assistance, please contact 1-866-456-5216 or email

For more information and resources, visit Government of Canada Victims Week


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