A message shared on behalf of Cst. Jamie Parsons with the RCMP Provincial Priority Traffic Unit

January 14, 2022
Prince, Queens and Kings Districts, Prince Edward Island

News release


Cst. Jamie Parsons

I'm Cst. Jamie Parsons, with the RCMP Provincial Priority Traffic Unit and I have some advice on driving during a winter storm.

During the last storm, police received more than 30 reports of motor-vehicle crashes and stranded motorists in the middle of the roadway. Municipal police forces were reporting similar incidents. The reality was that we were unable to get to them to help.

Here are a few reminders from the RCMP as the next storm approaches:

  • If the province makes a decision to remove snowplows from the road for safety reasons, it's only a matter of time until the roads become impassable. Stay where you are if you can. Listen to local radio stations and check government websites for updates.
  • We realize that some people have to get to work, especially if you are an essential worker. Plan to arrive at your workplace before the storm or in its very early stages. On the flip side, if you are at work and the storm has begun, consider staying put until roads and conditions improve. You should pack extra items such as extra clothing, food, a book or an electronic device to make your wait more comfortable.
  • Even if you don't plan on driving during the storm, ensure your vehicle is filled with gas. If you lose power at home and the temperatures drops, you may be able to wait it out in the warmth of your car. Your car can also help charge any wireless devices such as cell phones in the event power is out. Just be sure your car is parked outside and the exhaust pipe is not covered in snow, checking it frequently.
  • If you must drive somewhere, make sure you are dressed for the weather or have extra warm clothing with you. You should also have some snacks, water and a cell phone charger with you.
  • Finally, make sure you have good tires on your vehicle and carry a shovel and an emergency kit.

We encourage all Islanders to avoid unnecessary travel during a storm. Winter driving can be dangerous. Please do your part to stay safe.


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Cst. Jamie Parsons or Sgt. Chris Gunn

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