Statement from Inspector Mike Lokken, Detachment Commander of Parkland RCMP Detachment

February 17, 2021
Parkland County, Alberta


"It has come to Parkland RCMP's attention within the last week that a member of the GraceLife Church Administration has identified himself as a former RCMP officer. We can confirm that he is a retired RCMP member as of October 2014.

Our response to the non compliance of the church has been consistent with our overall RCMP strategy in the province, which is education, an opportunity for compliance, and lastly, enforcement. Parkland RCMP has managed the investigation into the GraceLife Church with absolutely no influence from any member of their administration or congregation, regardless of any past or present affiliation with our organization.

The RCMP has conducted all their interactions with the Church in an impartial, professional, and respectful manner."


Contact information

Inspector Mike Lokken
Detachment Commander
Parkland RCMP Detachment


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