Speaking remarks, Chief Superintendent Scott Sheppard, Commanding Officer of Yukon RCMP

October 27, 2021
Faro, Yukon


The following remarks are from C/Supt. Scott Sheppard about the investigation in Faro, Yukon:

I am here this afternoon to provide a situational update regarding the shooting that occurred yesterday in Faro, Yukon, and the police investigation. Please be aware that there may be some questions that I cannot answer as this is an active and ongoing police investigation.

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, at 1:02pm, police received the first call about shots fired in Faro, Yukon. Members of Faro RCMP attended to a residence on Harper Street where a critically injured male was found inside. The subject had already left when police arrived. The responding officers called in support from back-up police and provided initial first aid to this victim.

Faro RCMP members then attended another residence on Harper Street and located a 42 year old woman unresponsive. Community member and police made attempts at resuscitation and provided first aid but the woman was confirmed deceased. As public safety was the top priority, the officers attended the local school to assist staff in putting the school into a state of hold-and-secure, to prevent a threat to students, teachers, and staff.

Soon after, as back-up officers were arriving in Faro, police received further calls of shots fired in the area of Yates Crescent and Tintina Subdivision in Faro. The officers attended the area, confronted the subject, and he was safely taken into custody at 1:56 pm. There were no injuries to the subject or to responding officers.

After the subject was arrested, police conducted wellbeing checks at other residences in the Tintina Subdvision and Yates Crescent. At a residence on Yates Street, police located a 73 year old male deceased.

RCMP officers from Faro RCMP and Ross River RCMP, the M division Major Crimes Unit, along with assistance from the M Division Forensic Identification Section and all other Yukon RCMP resources are investigating. There remains a significant police presence in Faro. The investigators have been canvassing the community for information about this incident and are holding several scenes for investigation.

As I have stated earlier, two individuals are deceased: one woman age 42 and one man, age 73. One man is being treated for critical injuries and is in stable condition. At this point, police will not release names of the victims out of respect for their families.

Ralph Bernard Shaw has been initially charged with two counts of first degree murder, two counts of attempted murder, an two counts of aggravated assault. He has been remanded to custody with an upcoming court date of November 3, 2021.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the families, friends and community of the victims. This is a tragic situation for the town of Faro and the Yukon as a whole. As this situation develops, we are limited in what we can say. Further information will be made available as appropriate. We cannot jeopardise any future court proceedings.

All of our available resources have been brought to bear in this investigation, including assistance from BC RCMP Forensic Identification. We are also working with Yukon victims services, the Chief Coroners office, and other agencies to provide support to victims, witnesses, and the community at large. All officers involved in the investigation have appreciated cooperation and support from witnesses and the community.

For my part, as the CO of the RCMP in Yukon, I wish to acknowledge the quick thinking and decisive action of our members in responding to this critical event. I also wish to acknowledge the other agencies and individuals who helped, and continue to help, our investigators. No community, no matter how large or small, ever wants to endure this type of event. It will be important as we move through this difficult period to keep the residents of Faro and all those persons impacted by these events, in our hearts and minds and to assist them wherever we can.


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