Deputy Commissioner Zablocki’s Message to Citizens and Community Partners in Response to the Provincial Police Service Study

October 29, 2021
Edmonton, Alberta



Earlier today, the contents of the provincial policing review and transition study, commissioned by the Government of Alberta, were released.

This process has been taking place over the last year and a half.

Yesterday, we received a brief overview - and now that this report has been released publicly - we will be able to access and review it in its entirety.

While the report outlines models of policing, structures and timelines under which a provincial police service could be implemented, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General maintain that no decision has been made with respect to provincial policing.

The next consultative steps the government are taking involve Albertans; community and Indigenous leadership and stakeholders; and local rural and urban governments served by the Alberta RCMP. These are important steps – Albertans served by provincial policing services should have a strong voice when it comes to their safety.

Alberta RCMP leadership within the province have been taking those very same steps.

We know that Albertans want an active role in community safety and in deciding how their policing services are provided… We are listening, and we are taking action.

It is vital to hear from the communities we serve, and any information, no matter the source, only serve to support us in our goal of providing Albertans with policing services that not only meet their needs, but gives them confidence in the safety of their communities. We look forward to hearing continued feedback from Albertans we serve.

The provincial government, and municipalities through the Police Funding Model, have made significant investments in the Alberta RCMP as their provincial police service, and we have been using those investments to respond to the needs to citizens and communities – moving forward many operational goals and innovative policing initiatives.

The Alberta RCMP is contracted by the Government of Alberta. As of today - and until a decision is made - we remain the police service of jurisdiction here in the province – and we are resolute in our commitment to the safety and security of Albertans. We will continue to work closely with the citizens, community leaders and community stakeholders we serve.

Since the announcement of the policing study, and despite the uncertainty it has brought to their employment, Alberta RCMP employees have held steadfast in their service to Albertans and the safety of their communities.

I want all Albertans to know that your Alberta RCMP employees are fiercely proud to serve this province.

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