Commissioner’s statement regarding Greenwood Gray: addressing workplace harassment and discrimination

November 22, 2021
Ottawa, Ontario


On November 22, 2021, Canada filed an application for leave to appeal the Federal Court of Appeal decision in the matter of Greenwood Gray to the Supreme Court of Canada. Canada is asking the Supreme Court of Canada to hear its appeal to obtain clarity on whether the Courts should certify a class action relating to workplace disputes when there are already administrative resolution processes in place.

The Government of Canada has a range of comprehensive administrative mechanisms to deter, detect, investigate, correct and provide compensation to RCMP employees for workplace disputes, including harassment complaints. Compensation for any workplace injury is administered and evaluated independently of the RCMP under the Pension Act for regular and civilian members and the Government Employees Compensation Act for public service employees.

Harassment and discrimination of any kind is unacceptable. As Commissioner, I must ensure our workplaces from coast to coast to coast are safe, healthy and respectful for everyone.

The RCMP has made an ongoing effort to address harassment in our organization. In response to several RCMP and government commissioned reports and recommendations, we have implemented numerous policy and program change initiatives to create a more respectful, inclusive and diverse workplace. Many of these changes are found within our comprehensive modernization strategy, Vision150, which sets the path towards a healthy and inclusive RCMP.

One of our most recent initiatives is the creation of a centralized, independent unit responsible for matters relating to the resolution and prevention of harassment and violence occurrences within the RCMP; the Independent Centre for Harassment Resolution (ICHR) was launched on June 30, 2021 that includes a new Support Services Unit to enhance the support provided to employees, victims and survivors of workplace harassment and violence.

Through the ICHR, the RCMP has taken steps to make the harassment resolution processes as external as possible; however, our work will continue to evaluate what additional measures need to be taken.

These efforts are part of an ongoing process. In 2014, the RCMP Act was amended to streamline administrative processes. In 2017, the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act was also amended to provide a labour relations regime unique to the RCMP. This legislated framework further facilitated the unionization of RCMP members. Progress continues on this front with the recent signing of a historic first-ever collective agreement for RCMP members and reservists in August 2021.

In 2019, the Management Advisory Board was created and is comprised of individuals external to the RCMP who are mandated to provide guidance and advice on their areas of expertise such as transformation, workplace wellbeing, human resources and modern management practices.

All of these efforts are a reflection of the RCMP's continued dedication to fostering a safe and inclusive workplace. We are confident the changes we are implementing will show significant results for our employees and the RCMP.

Brenda Lucki


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