Bay Roberts RCMP continues ATV enforcement and seizes ATV from youth

January 12, 2021
Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and Labrador

News release

Bay Roberts RCMP is continuing with the enforcement of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) infractions and seized an ATV following a report from the public on Friday.

At approximately 1:15 p.m., police received a report of two ATVs that were doing wheelies on the road in front of Amalgamated Academy in Bay Roberts. The incident, which was captured on video surveillance, occurred while children were outside during the lunch break. Police located the two ATVs and operators a short time later parked on the side of the roadway on LT Stick Drive in Bay Roberts. Both youth were ticketed for various ATV offences and police seized and impounded an ATV from a youth who had received numerous recent warnings for ATV offences.

The investigation is continuing as police assess possible charges against the parents.

RCMP NL reminds the public that 17 people were killed in off-road vehicle crashes in 2020 alone in RCMP detachment areas. Responsibility of these machines being operated on roadways by underage drivers lies with parents and guardians. Police encourage safe and responsible use of off-road vehicles to prevent further tragedies from occurring.


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