Saskatchewan RCMP launches Youth Advisory Committee

July 21, 2020
Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan

News release


Saskatchewan RCMP launches Youth Advisory Committee

In follow-up to last year's youth survey, the Saskatchewan RCMP are launching their first Youth Advisory Committee.

Last year, the Saskatchewan RCMP circulated a youth survey to detachments across the province and received 3,750 responses from youth ages 12-17. The youth identified issues affecting them and 70% of comments related to interests in having positive interactions with the RCMP. In response to this feedback, the Saskatchewan RCMP is launching a Youth Advisory Committee and aiming to work with 100 youth to develop solutions to address the root causes of crime in communities. The goal is to increase and enhance RCMP engagement with youth so they feel their voices are value and they are contributing to effective change.

"In this first year, we are looking to engage with 100 youth by piloting nine detachment committees and 10 additional youth from communities across the province," says Community Program Officer, Laili Yazdani.

Youth ages 12-17 who are interested in working with the RCMP to address crime and victim issues identified by youth (e.g. drugs, bullying, alcohol, vaping and poor driving) and promote awareness events (e.g. Pink Shirt Day, National Addictions Awareness Week). Youth Advisory Committee members are expected to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours a month for one school year and participate in weekly meetings, monthly virtual meetings and an annual camp with youth and mentors. Afterwards, youth members will receive a volunteer certificate that can be used for employment and post-secondary applications.

To request an application form, youth are asked to email their request and submit their completed application to the F Division Community Services Mailbox.


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