RCMP across Prince Edward Island urging Islanders and visitors - no driving impaired, no speeding!

June 30, 2020
Prince, Queens and Kings Counties, Prince Edward Island

News release



This year, Canada Day falls squarely in the middle of the week but we are all proud Canadians and celebrations will happen from one tip of the Island to the other, no matter what day of the week.

Let's keep the celebrations safe. Make plans for getting to and from where you are headed if you celebrations include alcohol or legal marihuana which will cause impairment. Have a sober driver or don't move from your celebration location. Let's celebrate being Canadian by keeping each other safe.

Also, the decision to drive over the speed limit, sometimes considerably over the speed limit ,is going to end badly at some point. Excessive speeding will result in significant fines, potential jail time, and seizure of the vehicle, if it doesn't end in a collision. It's just not worth it. Keep your speed limit to the speed noted for your own safety and for everyone else sharing the roads.

For our part, RCMP will be patrolling in all three counties and we'd like to see a safe celebration right across Prince Edward Island.

Happy Canada Day everyone. Take care and enjoy celebrating the best country in the world!


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