RCMP issue Bitcoin warning posters

January 16, 2020
Edmonton, Alberta

News release


Warning! Government agencies such as : Canada Revenue Agency, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Citizenship and Immigration Canada do not accept Bitcoin, demand immediate payment over the phone and threaten deportation or arrest for non-payment. Do not deposit cash to a Bitcoin address that you do not control. Do not provide any personal information, by phone, email or text. If you have lost money as a result of a scam, contact your local RCMP detachment.

In an effort to stop victims of fraud from making bitcoin payments, the RCMP has launched an initiative that will see posters with warnings placed in rural locations.

Scams continue to be prevalent throughout the province, primarily scams where culprits are representing themselves as agents from a government organization and requesting payment in Bitcoin. To assist citizens throughout Alberta, posters have been created by the RCMP – Strategic Communications New Media team. The posters are very clear with warnings, including: "Stop - Do not use this Bitcoin machine if you are not in control of the QR Code you scan."

"We felt that we needed to take one more step in educating potential victims and stopping them from making that irretrievable payment," said Staff Sergeant Rob Marsollier of Red Deer RCMP Detachment. "We know that Edmonton Police Service has done similar posters, and if it stops even one person from losing their savings, then it's a success."

With cooperation from the businesses hosting the bitcoin machines, the posters will be put up throughout Alberta in the near future.


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Corporal Laurel Scott
Media Relations Group

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