Daily Occurrence Report: 6 am November 29 to 6 am November 30

November 30, 2020
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Daily occurrence report

Total number of calls: 290

  • Priority 1: 15
  • Priority 2: 85
  • Priority 3: 99
  • Priority 4: 91

Operational files of note

Please note, locations refer to the RCMP detachment responsible for the area in which the incident occurred.


  1. Blackville. Disturbance. Individual spoken to.
  2. Campbellton. Individual in mental distress, weapon offence. One individual transported to hospital, second individual arrested.
  3. Campbellton. Breach of conditions. Individual arrested.
  4. Lamèque. Threats. Individual spoken to.
  5. Neguac. Single-vehicle crash. Driver transported to hospital. Child transported to hospital as precaution. Investigation ongoing.
  6. Saint-Quentin. Sexual assault. Investigation ongoing.
  7. Saint-Quentin. Threats, individual in mental distress. Individual detained, transported to hospital.


  1. Caledonia Region. Individual in mental distress. Individual spoken to.
  2. Elsipogtog. Assault. Investigation ongoing.
  3. Elsipogtog. Threats. Investigation ongoing.
  4. Elsipogtog. Assault. Individual arrested.
  5. Grand Bay-Westfield. Single-vehicle crash, suspended driver. Investigation ongoing.
  6. Richibucto. Individual in mental distress. Individual transported to hospital.
  7. Richibucto. Missing person. Individual located and transported to hospital.
  8. Shediac. Impaired driver. Individual arrested.


  1. Oromocto. Impaired driver. Seven-day driver's licence suspension issued.
  2. St. George. Individual in mental distress, single-vehicle crash. Individual transported to hospital.
  3. Saint-Léonard. Drug offence. Individuals spoken to.
  4. Saint-Léonard. Individual in mental distress, threats. Individual transported to hospital.
  5. Western Valley Region. Assault, individual in mental distress. Individual transported to hospital.


  1. Moncton. Multiple thefts from vehicles. Investigation ongoing.
  2. Moncton. Failure to stop for police, single-vehicle crash. Investigation ongoing. Police Dog Services attended to apprehend.
  3. Moncton. Impaired driver. Individual arrested.
  4. Moncton. Public intoxication, threats. Individual arrested, later released with conditions.
  5. Moncton. Weapon offence. Individual arrested. Investigation ongoing.
  6. Moncton. Assault with a weapon. Two individuals arrested. Third individual transported to hospital, later released.


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