Alberta RCMP Signs LOU at Siksika Nation Ceremony

October 30, 2020
Strathmore, Alberta

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Photo of LOU Signing
Photo of LOU Group

Chief Superintendent Trevor Daroux, Southern Alberta RCMP District Officer, attended a ceremony in the town of Strathmore on Oct. 28, 2020 to sign a letter of understanding (LOU) with Councillor Ruben Breaker (on behalf of Chief Ouray Crowfoot) of the Siksika Nation and Strathmore Mayor Pat Fule in a historic milestone between the neighbouring communities. This official signing declares a shared intention between the communities to pursue a lasting and stronger relationship based upon a mutual respect and honour for each other's unique value, historical involvement, and acknowledgment of responsibility for their own actions.

The purpose of this Agreement is:

  1. To set a strong foundation for the parties to establish and maintain a co‐operative relationship in the spirit of trust and reconciliation;
  2. To establish POMIKAPI (peace and harmony) by bringing together leaders comprised of Blackfoot Elders, political leaders and the RCMP to foster healthy conversation and cultural awareness in their communities; and
  3. To have a platform for meaningful, effective and transparent communication and information by the sharing of these values on all issues of mutual interest.

The Detachment Commander of the Strathmore RCMP will be engaged with the RCMP employees of the Strathmore RCMP Detachment to ensure that relationships with the community are strengthened and maintained through active involvement with the Siksika Nation. In addition, all newly arrived RCMP officers to the Strathmore RCMP Detachment are given ongoing orientation and education with Siksika Elders, commencing four weeks after their arrival.

"This Letter of Understanding provides an important framework, a framework by which RCMP members can build stronger relationships with the people of Siksika Nation. It is through these relationships that we build trust and confidence and gain a better understanding of how we can best serve the people of Siksika. The Journey to reconciliation is one of many paths, we are honoured to walk down this path with our partners. Together we will build stronger, safer and healthier communities. I would like to thank Chief Crowfoot, Councillor Breaker, Mayor Fule, Councillor Sobol and their leadership teams for making this a reality."

Chief Superintendent Trevor Daroux, District Commander Southern Alberta District

"This 'Letter of Understanding' has been a long process and we are so grateful for the commitment from Town of Strathmore & RCMP to agree to work together to build a relationship on a foundation of trust, respect & honesty. We have a lot of work ahead of us to ensure the safety of our Siksika members are treated in an respectful & equal manner. There is so much we have to offer in oral teachings we can pass on from all the boots on the ground constables to the higher-ups..Everybody will get the same education of our people and the true history between our people and the red coats. Much respect to all who made this possible."

Councillor Ruben Breaker, Siksika Nation

"This Letter of Understanding is an important step, and I have faith that we'll take the next steps together. Almost a year ago, Siksika Nation and the Town of Strathmore signed a letter of understanding that established a relationship between our communities, and our new tripartite agreement continues to build this relationship. I'm truly grateful for the leadership of Siksika Nation and the Strathmore RCMP that's led to this historic event."

Mayor Pat Fule, Town of Strathmore

The Alberta RCMP is committed to the reconciliation process with Indigenous peoples. Delivering culturally competent police services provides the foundation necessary to build relationships and partnerships with the communities we serve. We will continue to take steps to develop cultural awareness through training, improving community policing and investigative practices, and expanding consultations and engagement with Indigenous groups.


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