RCMP to shine light on Canada’s missing children

May 16, 2019
Ottawa, Ontario

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The forget-me-not flower is the symbol of International Missing Children's Day.

In 2018, 42,233 children were reported missing in Canada. Having a child go missing can be devastating for parents and loved ones, and can deeply affect entire communities.

May 25 marks National Missing Children's Day—a day to commemorate missing children who have been found, remember those who are still missing, and continue efforts to bring the missing home.

In honour of this special day, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) will be launching a week‑long campaign starting May 20, which will feature missing children from across Canada on the Canada's Missing website. The goal is to help shine a light on missing children cases and encourage those who may have information to submit a tip.

The Canada's Missing website contains hundreds of missing person profiles and is an important investigative tool. It's managed by the RCMP's National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains, which assists law enforcement, medical examiners and chief coroners with missing persons and unidentified remains investigations across the country.

Collaboration is key in missing person investigations, which is why the RCMP and the Missing Children Society of Canada will be signing an agreement on Friday, May 24, to strengthen the relationship between the two organizations and support each other's efforts to recover missing children.

This May 25, the RCMP encourages you to visit canadasmissing.ca and help bring our missing children home.


"Our Government takes the safety of its citizens very seriously, particularly the most vulnerable—our children. While the vast majority of missing persons are located within days, some are not. These cases are heart-wrenching for family and friends, and potentially dangerous in cases of foul play. Today, we are reminded of all those children still missing and their loved ones waiting for their safe return. We also acknowledge the efforts of police officers from across the country who continue to work tirelessly to return them home."

The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

"The RCMP's dedicated unit of specialists and our hard-working partners work tirelessly to return children home to their loved ones each year. However, more can always be done. It's our hope that by sharing the stories of these missing children, someone out there might remember something. No matter how old an investigation is or how insignificant a piece of information may seem, you might be able to provide the missing piece of the puzzle. Please read their stories and help bring them home."

Chief Superintendent Marie-Claude Arsenault, Director General, National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains, RCMP

Quick facts

  • 73% of missing children/youth reports are runaways.
  • 62% of missing children/youth reports were removed within 24 hours, while 92% were removed within a week.
  • 57% of all missing persons reports involve children.

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  • Lonnie BOUDREAU (Ontario)
  • Courtney STRUBLE (Saskatchewan)
  • Stephanie CYR (New Brunswick)
  • Adam O'BRIEN (Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Myriam KNIAZ (Quebec)
  • Lloyd LARSFOLK (Ontario)
  • Nicole MORIN (Ontario)
  • Casey BOHUN (British Columbia)
  • Michael DUNAHEE (British Columbia)


  • Tamra KEEPNESS (Saskatchewan)
  • Matthew RICHARD (Alberta)
  • Ariel KOUAKOU (Quebec)
  • Mekayla BALI (Saskatchewan)
  • Lindsey NICHOLLS (British Columbia)
  • Yohanna CYR (Quebec)
  • Justin POLLARI (Ontario)
  • Darlene TUCKER (Ontario)
  • Mitchell O'BRIEN (Newfoundland and Labrador)


  • Trevor O'BRIEN (Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Sunshine WOOD (Manitoba)
  • Krzysztof SYRZYCKI (British Columbia)
  • Angela ARSENEAULT (British Columbia)
  • Melina MARTIN (Quebec)
  • Shawn JONES (Ontario)
  • Kimberley AMERO (New Brunswick)
  • Cheryl HANSON (Ontario)
  • Tania MURRELL (Alberta)


  • Jesokah ADKENS (British Columbia)
  • Joanne PEDERSEN (British Columbia)
  • Diane CARRIER (Quebec)
  • Mistie MURRAY (Ontario)
  • Nancy LIOU (Ontario)
  • Rene BESSETTE (Quebec)
  • Shelly-Anne BACSU (Alberta)
  • Kevin CHARLES (Saskatchewan)
  • Justin RUTTER (Ontario)


  • Charlene CATHOLIQUE (Northwest Territories)
  • Betsy OWENS (Manitoba)
  • Jeffrey DUPRES (Alberta)
  • Shannon ALEXANDER (Quebec)
  • Jadon YANEZ-PARADA (Ontario)
  • Leslie JONES (Ontario)
  • Tom MARSDEN (British Columbia)
  • Helen FROST (British Columbia)
  • Maisy ODJICK (Quebec)


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