Forteau RCMP steps up enforcement of tinted windows

November 22, 2019
Forteau, Newfoundland and Labrador

News release

Last week, Forteau RCMP conducted a two-day traffic enforcement initiative. Officers pulled over 24 vehicles resulting in 12 drivers charged with operating a vehicle with illegally tinted windows.

Forteau RCMP reminds drivers it is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act to apply any after-market tint to the front side windows and or front windshield of a vehicle.

After-market tint commonly consists of a film that is applied to the glass. In the event of a collision whereby an occupant cannot escape the vehicle through a door, windows tinted with film are difficult to break.

Tinted windows cause other issues as well – they obstruct the view of the driver, prevent pedestrians from making eye contact with drivers at crosswalks to ensure it is safe to cross the road and make it difficult for police officers to see the vehicle's occupants or any weapons that may be inside when conducting traffic stops.


Contact information

Cst. Colleen Fequet
RCMP Forteau
(709) 931-2790

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