Establishment of an Interim Management Advisory Board to support the RCMP

January 16, 2019
Ottawa, Ontario


I am pleased to join the Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale today in accepting the recommendations made by the RCMP Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) and former auditor general Sheila Fraser. Both reports propose ways to improve RCMP policies and procedures on workplace harassment, with a key step being the creation of an Interim Management Advisory Board.

Prior to, and since the CRCC and Fraser recommendations, the RCMP has made important moves to create a more respectful, inclusive and diverse workplace. From setting up a centralized office for the coordination of harassment complaints, to developing a mental health strategy and action plan, to implementing many change initiatives included in the Merlo-Davidson settlement agreement — we are modernizing the RCMP while increasing transparency and accountability to our people and the public.

These are not small feats, but we can — and will — do more. We have the support we need, from within the organization and beyond, to make a real change. Work to establish the Interim Management Advisory Board will begin immediately.

The creation of the Board is a critical step to help us modernize our RCMP. We're an organization that thrives on a diversity of knowledge and ideas, drawing from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The Board's expert advice will provide new, valuable perspectives to help us make decisions that support our end goal: a modern, effective, healthy and inclusive organization that is trusted by Canadians for our policing excellence. We have a vision – we know where we want to be in 2023 and beyond. I'm counting on the Board to guide us and help tell our story throughout this unprecedented journey.

As Commissioner, I'll continue to lead the operations and management of the RCMP and all matters connected to it. The Board will not be involved in any matters relating to law enforcement investigations or operations.

Modernization is a constant process. Having an Interim Management Advisory Board will be a significant change to how we do things. I am confident it is a necessary step to ensure we can continue taking care of our people and the communities we serve.

Brenda Lucki


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